There are social arrangements in human history where social justice cannot be achieved, where class differences, exploitation and power relations are dominated by hierarchical relationships. Along with this social order, communities that are dissatisfied with the order also emerge. These communities developed various forms of resistance practices and rebelled against the social order they were dissatisfied with. These practices of rebellion were sometimes suppressed and sometimes caused social-political revolutions.
In many parts of the world today, we can see social order deteriorating. In fact, we can say that the existing order is the creator of chaos and that the concept of ‘cosmos’ (order) is transformed into the concept of ‘chaos’. At this point, the unifying power of art should come into play. A new world order may be possible with art. Art must be power then a cosmos (order) can be created.
Jean Baudrillard puts forward the theory of simulation and that it is everything consist of images, while it points to the inanimate of life, it also reveals how insensitive a society we have actually evolved into.